Spray Mop Cleaner Refill - Makes 4 Gallons of Cleaning Solution

Spray Mop Cleaner Refill - Makes 4 Gallons of Cleaning Solution


COMPATIBLE WITH ALL SPRAY MOPS: Perfect for refilling the spray bottle in your O-Cedar ProMist (TM) / O-Cedar ProMist MAX (TM), Rubbermaid Reveal (TM) and YES, even your Swiffer WetJet (TM)

  • CONCENTRATED FORMULA FOR AN INCREDIBLE VALUE: Just 2 oz of our cleaner makes 1 gallon of spray mop floor cleaner. One bottle is equivalent to 12 Swiffer WetJet (TM) refills, 25 refills for O-Cedar (TM) & 23 refills for Rubbermaid Reveal (TM)

  • CUSTOM-FORMULATED FOR MOST FLOOR TYPES: Our cleaner is made to cut through dirt, grime and sticky messes on laminated, sealed, varnished or waxed wood floors, cermaic tile, linoleum stone marble and more! Not meant for unfinished wooden floors

  • JUST SPRAY AND MOP - NO WASHING NEEDED: No need to rinse your floors once you've sprayed and mopped! Our cleaner is gentle yet effective with a neutral pH and is lightly scented. PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA!

  • Note: This is an aftermarket product, produced by Impresa Products (TM), meeting or exceeding the performance of OEM cleaners (based on in-house testing). We have no affiliation with or endorsement from any of the manufacturers mentioned

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INSTRUCTIONS FOR PREPARING CLEANING SOLUTION: Dilute 1 capful of concentrated cleaner per 14 oz of water. 3 capsful per Swiffer WetJet (TM) refill, 1.5 capfuls per O-Cedar (TM) refill and 1.5 capfuls per Rubbermaid Reveal (TM) refill. This is a generic product manufactured and distributed by Impresa Products (TM). This is not a Swiffer (TM), O-Cedar (TM) or Rubbermaid (TM) OEM product and Impresa Products has no affiliation with or endorsement from Swiffer (TM), O-Cedar (TM) or Rubbermaid (TM). Our product is not covered under any Swiffer (TM), O-Cedar (TM) or Rubbermaid (TM) manufacturer's warranty. The Swiffer (TM), O-Cedar (TM) and Rubbermaid (TM) brand names (including WetJet (TM, ProMist (TM), ProMist MAX (TM) and Reveal (TM)) and logos are the registered trademarks of their owners. Any use of the Swiffer (TM), O-Cedar (TM) or Rubbermaid (TM) brand names, models or any other related designations are made solely for purposes of describing and illustrating compatibility.