Laundry Stacking Kit for 27 Inch Front Load Washer and Dryer - Compare to GEFLSTACK / WE25X10028

Laundry Stacking Kit for 27 Inch Front Load Washer and Dryer - Compare to GEFLSTACK / WE25X10028


IDEAL FIT FOR MANY MODELS: Our bracket kit is a perfect fit for an array of 27" GE (TM) / G.E. (TM) front loading washers and dryers (details below). Our bracket kit helps you save space by stacking your dryer on top of your washer. DOES NOT FIT WSXH208H, WSSH300G, DSXH43EF/GF, or DSXH47EG/GG, among others

  • COMPARABLE TO OEM PARTS AT A GREAT VALUE: Our front load washer / dryer laundry stacking kit is made to high quality standards and is durable, robust, and made to last. Don't waste money on overpriced OEM kits - our kit will do the job!

  • INSTRUCTIONS INCLUDED FOR A CONFIDENT INSTALLATION: Each kit comes with a full set of instructions to ensure a confident installation. Standard tools required. Comparable to OEM parts GEFLSTACK and WE25X10028 for Profile (TM) / Frontload (TM) models

  • IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS ABOUT WHETHER THIS WILL FIT YOUR EQUIPMENT, PLEASE CONTACT US THROUGH AMAZON OR ASK A QUESTION. Fits many front load models, but does not fit all models. DOES NOT FIT TOP LOAD MODELS. Ideal for closet or alcove installation

  • Please note: This is an aftermarket product (produced by Impresa Products). We have no affiliation with or endorsement from any of the manufacturers mentioned

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Fits the following models (and many, many more): BVH5200K0WW, BVH5300(K0WW/K1WW/K3WW), CVH6600H0WW, CVH6800(J1MV/J2BB/J2MR/J2MS/J2MV/J2WW/J3BB/J3MR/J3MS/J3MV/J3WW/J4BB/J4MR/J4MS/J4MV/J4WW/J5BB/J5MR/J5MS/J5MV/J5WW/K0MV), CVH6850K0MV, FAN1000/1100(L2WW/L4WW), FWH2400L0WW, FWH2405(L0BB/L0MG/L0MS/L0MV), FWH3400L0WW, FWH3405(L0BB/L0MG/L0MS/L0MV), FWN1000/1100(L0WW/L1WW/L2WW/L4WW), FWS3500/3600(L0WW), FWS3505/3605(L0BB/L0MG/L0MS/L0MV), GCVH6800(J5BB/J5MR/J5MS/J5MV/J5WW), GFAN1000/1100(L2WW/L4WW/LWW), GFD45ESSKWW, GFDN100ELOWW, GFW400SCK0WW, GFW450(SPK0DG/SPKDG/SSK0WW/SSKWW), GFWH1200(D0WW/D1WW/H0WW/H1WW), GFWH1300D0WW, GFWH1400D0WW, GFWH1405D0MS, GFWH2400L0WW, GFWH2405(L0BB/L0MG/L0MS/L0MV), GFWH3400L0WW, GFWH3405(L0BB/L0MG/L0MS/L0MV), GFWN1000(L0WW/L1WW/L2WW), GFWN1100/1200(D0WW/D1WW/H0WW/H1WW/H2WW/L0WW/L1WW/L2WW/L3WW/L4WW/LOWW), GFWN1300(D0WW/J0WW/J1WW), GFWN1600(J0WW/J1WW), GFWS1500(D0WW/D1WW), GFWS1505D0MS, GFWS1700(H0WW/H1WW), GFWS1705(H0DG/H1DG), GFWS3500L0WW, GFWS3505/3605(L0BB/L0MG/L0MS/L0MV), GFWS3600L0WW, GMAN1200(D0WW/L2WW/L4WW), MAN1200(L2WW/L4WW), PDH8800/8850/8900(J0MG/J0MV/J0WW/J1MG/J1MV/J1WW/J2MG/J2MV/J2WW/J3MG/J3MV/J3WW), PDH8910(K0MG/K0MV/K0WW/K1MG/K1MV/K1WW), WBVH5200K0WW, WBVH5300(K0WW/K1WW/K3WW), WCVH6800(J1MV/J1WW/J2BB/J2MR/J2MS/J2MV/J2WW/J3BB/J3MR/J3MS/J3MV/J3WW/J4BB/J4MR/J4MS/J4MV/J4WW/J5BB/J5MR/J5MS/J5MV/J5WW/K0MV), WCVH6850K0MV and the WPDH8800/WPDH8850/WPDH8900/WPDH8910 series models. This is a generic product manufactured and distributed by Impresa Products (TM). This is not a GE (TM) / G.E. (TM) OEM product and Impresa Products has no affiliation with or endorsement from GE (TM) / G.E. (TM). Our product is not covered under any GE (TM) / G.E. (TM) manufacturer's warranty. The GE (TM) / G.E. (TM) brand names and logos are the registered trademarks of their owners. Any use of the GE (TM) / G.E. (TM) brand name, model or any other related designations are made solely for purposes of describing and illustrating compatibility.