Hard Water Stain Remover (32oz) - Eco Friendly Versatile Cleaning Product

Hard Water Stain Remover (32oz) - Eco Friendly Versatile Cleaning Product


THE ABSOLUTE BEST WAY TO REMOVE HARD WATER STAINS! Our versatile household cleaning product has been formulated to work on many household surfaces from the kitchen to the bathroom and even on the BBQ! It can remove the toughest of hard water or limescale stains and restore chrome metal from hard encrusted rust.

  • ECO-FRIENDLY FORMULA: Beat stains safely! Our non-hazardous cleaning solution removes the toughest of stains without the use of harmful acids or hazardous compounds found in traditional cleaning products. The thick paste will adhere to most surfaces, reducing waste.

  • LET THE PRODUCT DO THE WORK: Cleaning couldn't be easier when using our versatile cleaner - just apply over the affected area, gently buff and rinse, eliminating the need for heavy scrubbing!

  • RESTORES TO ORIGINAL BEAUTY: Rescue and bring life back to the grimy glass shower door, lime stained bathtub or pots and pans! It also works great on tile, grout, sink, window, toilet, car windshield and metal with oxidation marks.

  • PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA! Our highly effective 32oz cleaner is made right here in the USA with strict quality control and environmental regulations you can trust. Thanks for supporting the US economy and our California based team!

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The Versatile Hard Water Stain Remover by Impresa Products 

Our highly effective, eco-friendly, custom formulated cleaner does so much more than just remove tough, hard water stains! It's the perfect household cleaner 
for your shower glass, baths and sinks and is also great for use on kitchen pots and pans or even car headlights! There are so many uses for this stain remover 
and yet its entirely eco-friendly and doesn't contain any harmful acids or hazardous chemicals that are found in traditional cleaning products.

Apply our product where needed with a damp cloth, let it do its magic and rinse! Extra tough stains? Let the product dwell for up to several hours 

Great at removing: 
Hard water stains, mineral deposits, soap scum, mildew, rust, tree sap, windscreen bugs, oxidation deposits. 

Can be used on: 
Glass, shower doors, chrome, windows, windshields, tiles, porcelain, vinyl, aluminum, stainless steel, anodized brass.