Dishwasher Side Mount Bracket Kit - Frigidaire and Electrolux -Compatible - Compare to DWBRACKIT1

Dishwasher Side Mount Bracket Kit - Frigidaire and Electrolux -Compatible - Compare to DWBRACKIT1


IDEAL FIT FOR MANY MODELS: Our brackets are a perfect fit for an array of Frigidaire (TM) and Electrolux (TM) models

  • COMPARABLE TO OEM PARTS: Our dishwasher mounting brackets / side mount dishwasher brackets are made from high-quality galvanized steel and are durable, robust, and made to last

  • VALUE PACK: 2-pack of brackets and 4-pack of screws provides a solid product at an excellent value. Perfect for use with granite, marble, quartz and other stone countertops necessitating sidemount / sidemounting brackets (vs. undercounter brackets)

  • EASY TO INSTALL: Quick and easy to install - installation instructions below. Comparable to OEM DWBRACKIT1, as well as AP5645425, 154477201, 154806601, 154806602, 2691713 and PS4705063

  • Please note: This is an aftermarket product (produced by Impresa Products). We have no affiliation with or endorsement from any of the manufacturers mentioned

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1) Turn off power to dishwasher in breaker box (ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL TO AVOID SHOCK) and turn off water supply. 2) Pull dishwasher out from its place. 3) Remove upper screw from side of dishwasher. Align last hole of bracket on long flat part of bracket with screw hole. Reinsert & tighten removed screw or one of new provided screws. 4) Push dishwasher back into place. Open dishwasher door. Determine which bracket hole you will use. You want to use the farthest hole forward that still attaches to cabinet. If using holes on the smaller flat part of bracket, see 5A-6A. If you need to use back hole, see 5B-9B. 5A) If using front hole, leave bracket as is. If using 2nd hole, use 1 pair of pliers to hold bracket at the 2nd hole & 1 pair of pliers to break off front tab. Repeat. Push dishwasher back into place. 6A) Pre-drill screw holes to avoid splitting wood. Screw brackets into place using provided screws. DONE! 5B) If you cannot use either of front two holes on bracket, you will need to drill a hole in the tub. Use a sharpie to mark through back bracket hole on dishwasher. Repeat. Remove both brackets. 6B) Using 2 sets of pliers, break off both brackets before bend. 7B) Drill 3/8 inch hole through each side of plastic tub. Hold plastic tightly right below mark & use a drill slowly to ensure you have a nice clean hole without damaging the tub. Clean up both holes with razor blade until smooth. 8B) Put brackets back on, put dishwasher back into place. Pre-drill small holes into the cabinet wood, then screw in included screws on each side. 9B) Insert plastic plugs in each hole. Run dishwasher & check for leaks. If leaks are present, you may need to add rubber cement to plastic plugs to create a seal. This is a generic product manufactured & distributed by Impresa Products (TM). This is not a Frigidaire (TM) / Electrolux (TM) OEM product. Any use of Frigidaire (TM) or Electrolux (TM) brand names, models, etc. are made solely to describe & illustrate compatibility.