32 Oz Acrylic Pouring Medium - Professional Grade - Pouring Effects Medium

32 Oz Acrylic Pouring Medium - Professional Grade - Pouring Effects Medium


CREATE INCREDIBLE EFFECTS: Our pouring medium allows you to create poured sheets, even puddles and flowing color applications. When dry, the medium will still retain its high gloss and wet appearance

  • NO ANNOYING IMPERFECTIONS: Will not hold bubbles, crack or craze while drying/when dry, creating smooth, even surfaces. Won't add transparency when mixed with color and does not yellow

  • HIGHLY VERSATILE: With its fluid texture, glossy sheen and transparent opacity, our pouring medium is flexible, useful and versatile in the art environment. Allows you to paint wet-in-wet and create an array of smooth, colorful, even films / surfaces. Water resistant when dry

  • PERFECT FOR A VARIETY OF SURFACES: Works with canvas, wood, glass and other art surfaces (even thick paper). Intended for use with acrylic paints and acrylic additives. Experiment with a spectrum of paint-to-medium ratios. Instructions, tips and techniques below

  • PROFESSIONAL GRADE: Our pouring medium is made to exacting standards. Designed to be effective enough for professionals but easy enough to use for all levels of artists

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INSTRUCTIONS: 1) Mix one tablespoon or more of the acrylic color of your choice, such as Liquitex Soft Body Acrylic Color (TM), with one cup of pouring medium in a large container meant for pouring. If using custom acrylic colors, mix acrylics before adding to pouring medium. 2) Mix the pouring medium and the color by hand with a mini spatula or palette knife. Blend gently and allow the mixture to rest for 10 minutes after mixing to eliminate the presence of bubbles. 3) Ideally using a funnel, pour the mixture into the applicator of your choice (such as a pitcher, squeeze bottle, tube, etc.). Different applicators will provide different effects when poured. 4) Place your art surface on a level table and pour the mixture, experimenting with pour speeds and amounts to create different effects. NOTE: Using an uneven surface will lead to thin spots, which may tear. 5) For best results, pour evenly and allow to dry for at least one day (up to two for thicker films). TIPS AND TECHNIQUES: 1) You can layer pours and pools. Wait for the first coat to dry then add another layer. 2) While you generally want to use a flat surface, turning the surface on its side can create thinner drips by allowing the paint to run down the surface at different speeds. 3) Try painting wet-in-wet! By preparing multiple color mixtures, you can apply other colors after the first pour to create spots or crisp circles. 4) Pouring multiple colors side-by-side then blending them with a pallet knife, fork or other pointed tool will create rich, marbled surfaces. 5) In order to create movable pieces of color (for use in sculptures and other mixed media application), use a glass surface treated with mold releas / quick release spray. Remove when dry and glue, roll or sew on as desired. THINGS TO AVOID: 1) DO NOT mix water with the medium (reduces the medium's strength). 2) If using in a dusty area, cover your surface with a cardboard box when finished to prevent the accumulation of dust while drying.