3-Pack of FreshFlow-Compatible Replacement Produce Preserver Packets

3-Pack of FreshFlow-Compatible Replacement Produce Preserver Packets


IDEAL REPLACEMENTS: Our produce preserving packets are perfect replacements for Whirlpool (TM) FreshFlow (TM) Produce Preserver systems. Perfect once you've gone through your Fresh Flow (TM) P1FB6S1 Starter Kit or replacement W10346771A

  • A TRUE VALUE PACK: Our 6-pack of 20 gram satchets provides you with 3 complete replacements for your system at an incredible value. Ideal replacements for FreshFlow (TM), but also comaptible with KitchenAid (TM) P1KL6S1CS and any other refrigerator!

  • PRESERVE YOUR PRODUCE, SAVE MONEY: Utilizing the same technology used to preserve fruits and vegetables on their long journey around the globe and into your grocery store, our product extends the life of your fruits and veggies and saves you money

  • SAFE AND EFFECTIVE: Made out of natural materials and PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA, our product is safe for use in your refrigerator and highly effective. Instructions included below for proper use. Replace every 6 months

  • Note: This is an aftermarket replacement product, produced by Impresa Products (TM), meeting or exceeding the performance of OEM satchets (based on in-house testing). We have no affiliation with or endorsement from any of the manufacturers mentioned

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INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE (WITH PRODUCE PRESERVER SYSTEMS): 1) Open the housing and remove the old satchets. Place them in the trash. 2) Open the Impresa Replacement Pack and remove 2 satchets. Reseal the package to preserve the effectiveness of the remaining satchets. 3) Insert both satchets and snap the housing closed. 4) Replace every 6 months. PLEASE NOTE: Our replacement pack does not come with 6 month timers (provided with OEM replacement packs) in order to provide the best value to our customers. In order to change the satchets at the proper time, we recommend setting a calendar reminder or writing the date that the satchets need to be replaced on a small piece of tape and sticking it to the produce preserver housing (just like the reminder for your oil change). STORAGE: Please ensure that the packaging holding the additional satchets is firmly sealed once you have removed the necessary replacements. As long as this bag remains airtight, these additional units will keep indefinitely. This is a generic product manufactured and distributed by Impresa Products (TM). This is not a Whirlpool (TM), KitchenAid (TM) or FreshFlow (TM) OEM product and Impresa Products has no affiliation with or endorsement from Whirlpool (TM), KitchenAid (TM) or FreshFlow (TM). Our product is not covered under any Whirlpool (TM), KitchenAid (TM) or FreshFlow (TM) manufacturer's warranty. The Whirlpool (TM), KitchenAid (TM) and FreshFlow (TM) brand names and logos are the registered trademarks of their owners. Any use of the Whirlpool (TM), KitchenAid (TM) and FreshFlow (TM) brand names, models or any other related designations are made solely for purposes of describing and illustrating compatibility.