10 Pack Boba Straws In Stainless Steel - Reusable Metal Straws - Extra 0.5’’ x 8.5”

10 Pack Boba Straws In Stainless Steel - Reusable Metal Straws - Extra 0.5’’ x 8.5”


EXTRA WIDE, EXTRA LONG: Our jumbo metal boba straws are designed to handle any drink and not clog! At 0.5’’ wide and 8.5" long they are plenty big enough for the biggest boba pearls and thickest shakes.

  • STRAWS THAT LAST A LIFETIME! Manufactured from food grade stainless steel our reusable drinking straws not only last a lifetime but also help save our environment when used over plastic straws

  • THE PERFECT DRINKING STRAW: Not only the perfect boba tea straw but also great for use with thick milkshakes, iced cocktails, soft drinks, coffee smoothies and juices

  • EXCELLENT VALUE MULTI PACK: Each pack comes with 10 metal drinking straws, 1 cotton storage bag and 1 cleaning brush - providing you with excellent value.

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Boba Tea Straws By Impresa Products. 

Our extra wide stainless steel straws are the perfect way to enjoy your boba, smoothie, thick milkshake or ice cold drink! 

Plastics are on the way out and are damaging our planet, ditch wasteful plastic straws and start using our stainless steel straws 
that will not only last a lifetime but also decrease your environmental waste.

Add in a new dimension to your drinking experience with these well designed metal drinking straws. Not only will they look great 
when served with the latest boba tea but they will also allow fuss free drinking of thick shakes, frozen smoothies and iced cocktails. 

Each pack comes with 10 boba straws, one cotton storage bag and a handy cleaning brush. These monster straws can tackle any drink 
with their 12mm extra wide design. The extra long 8.5 inch length allows for easy reach to the bottom of tall glasses and also acts as a useful stirrer.

So sit back and relax with these new innovative, environmentally friendly straws. 

Key Features 

- 10 Pack 
- 0.5’’ / 12mm Wide 
- 8.5" Long 
- Cotton Storage Bag 
- Cleaning Brush 
- Dishwasher Safe
- Food Grade Stainless Steel
- BPA Free